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Our History - Page 3


We can truly say that Reverend Hardy was God's man of the hour. Hardy Drive in the Westhaven housing development is named in honor of him.


Reverend S.A. Thurston came to us. He was a man with a child-like spirit and magnetic personality. Under his leadership, the church erected a monument grave of Reverend Hardy and a bronze plaque of Rev. Hardy was placed in the church. A parsonage was purchased, the church beautified, and the pulpit and choir stand were changed. The membership bulletin board was given to the church by Mrs. Sallie Truehart. Reverend Thurston served us for nine years until being called to pastor Rodman Street Baptist Church, Pittsburg Pennsylvania.


Reverend William R. Strassner accepted the pastorate on the second Sunday in June 1929. After having remained with us for one year, he was given a scholarship to do advanced studies at Andover Newton Theological Seminary. The church granted him a leave of absence for two years; Reverend W. J. Kerr served the church while Reverend Strassner was on leave. Reverend Kerr was loyal to the church and the Pastor Strassner.


Reverend Strassner returned to us full of energy and inspiration. Much work was done under his leadership. The following was done under his administration: installed storm doors, steam heat,


"Decision Day" in Sunday School, organized the Daughters of Ruth, Brotherhood Club College, Marshall, Texas to become the dean for the School of Religion.


Reverend R.M. McKinney, Professor at Virginia University served in a most acceptable manner as the supply Pastor. Reverend McKinney served until God called Reverend Lloyd E. Jemison to become our 9th pastor.


One of Reverend Jemison's chief interests was the youth of the church. He organized a large youth choir. Under his administration the debt of the parsonage and church was paid, the basement was re-decorated, new lighting system installed a pastor's study and kitchen was built and paid for upon completion. Under his leadership, for the first time in history of the church a young man was licensed to the gospel ministry, brother Eugene Watts. Reverend Jemison served us for about ten years. He was called a pastor a church in Des Moines, Iowa in January 1949.


Reverend Herman A. Watts began his ministry with us on the first Sunday in July 1949. During his brief pastorate, he organized the Deaconess ministry, the Young Men's Ushers, the Social Club and designated the first Sunday in each month as Young People's Day. Reverend Carter Wicks, another son of the church, was licensed and ordained for the ministry.


Reverend Emmett L. Green began his ministry with us on the second Sunday in June 1952. Under his leadership, the church grew spiritually, numerically and financially. Many vital needs were met because of his vision, patient planning and effective use of many resources. There is evidence of this in the improvements that have been made, such as, the church was covered with a new roof, the basement was removed at a cost of $12,000, which included a central office. A new system was developed whereby every member of the church as accounted for and statistics kept.