Pastor Edwards 38th Pastoral Anniversary, Sunday, October 13, 2019.
Divine D.I.V.A. Extravaganza, Saturday, November 2, 2019

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He is married to Sister Barbara Singleton Edwards. His family has grown since pastoring at Mt. Zion. There were only two children. Alvin Cahlief and Brianna. Soon there were two more blessings, Isaac and Brittany...that wasn't enough...he also has three wards. He is the proud grandfather of Little Miss Kaydin Edwards and a surrogate father to many.


Pastor Edwards is the Psalm I man. He is truly a man of God. He has the desire to be like Christ.


We have been blessed since 1981. Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church and the community will never be the same! To God be the Glory!!


For many years, the church has been centrally located between the City's principal black neighborhoods, but when it was and its predecessor were first build, a different situation existed. Segregation has not yet become entrenched and blacks and whites live side by side. Mt. Zion's location at the entrance to Ridge Street seemed symbolic of the integrated nature of that most prestigious residential street. "Let Mt. Zion Rejoice"