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The Mount Zion Church School is committed to living out the Great Commission by evangelizing the lost and disciplining those who have accepted Jesus as the Christ. Classes are available for all ages from preschool to senior adults.  We followed a culturally sensitive bible based curriculum focused on teaching the saving power of Jesus and the daily guiding and directing power of the Holy Spirit. Classes begin every Sunday 9:45am – 10:45am. Come join us for an hour of power and transformation!

Deaconess Christine Brown, Servant Leader


Our Mission: To make certain that every member and family in our church  experiences the love and support of the whole congregation. We want to be known throughout our community as a loving and caring church.                 
Our Vision: We join the pastor and church staff in ministering to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each church member and family. The resident church families are divided into groups of ten or more families. Each group of families are assigned to a deacon or deaconess who will minister to them over a period of time.

We set aside time in our meetings to pray about the specific needs of families and rejoice over needs met and victories won. Another part of the meeting we use to  develop deacon and deaconess skills in ministering to family needs.

Deacon Raymond Carey, Servant Leader



The expressions of God Drama ministry’s purpose is  to glorify and lift up the name of Jesus and allow God to use us to minister to His people. As we convey the Word of God through dramatic presentations, we are planting seeds to help build disciples to win the world for Christ.  Throughout the year we typically produce three to four performances both at Mount Zion and throughout the community as well.  Please visit an additional website of future, present and past productions, pictures and other information -

Rev. Caruso Brown, Servant Leader


Mount Zion’s Finance Ministry’s purpose is to oversee the finances of the church.  Our overseeing activities are: establishing a church budget, monitoring actual expenses and revenue against the budget and reporting the churches financial condition to the leadership council of the church.  In addition to our overseeing activities, we assist in the collection of tithes and offering and provide financial guidance in all financial matters.

James Barlow, Servant Leader


Mount Zion Men’s Ministry is a ministry for men of all ages.  We meet the first and third Mondays of the month to engage in topic focused bible study.  Our primary purpose is to develop disciples for Christ.  Men’s ministry provides a safe space for men to honestly and confidentially discuss and explore their walk with Christ. We are also very committed to support brother who are incarcerated both financially and through encouragement.

Rev. Caruso Brown, Servant Leader



To live an upright Christian Life, to dedicate our talent and give of our time influence and means to teaching or spreading the Christian Religion at home and abroad. To devote ourselves and seek divine aid and guidance daily that we may become a living witness and a Bright and Shining Light for our Lord.

Joyce Fredericks, Servant Leader


The Music Ministry of Mount Zion First African Baptist Church enhances the service and uplifts through song, litigural dance and drama. We support not only the church but also community events as well. We have something for everyone. Our Sanctuary Choir ministers on 1st and 3rd Sundays - Servant Leader, Min. Michelle Allen; Men of Mt. Zion on 2nd Sunday - Servant Leader, Mr. Melton Gardner, Praise Team.  Come join us!  

Jonathan Spivey, Minister of Music


In 1998, Otis and Rosa Lee established and endowed the Otis Lee and Rosa Lee Educational Scholarship fund at Mount Zion, a fund that awards college scholarships to high school graduates who are members of our church.

James Bryant, Servant Leader


The Preschool Ministry of Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church, through partnership with parents, desires to lay a foundation of faith on which children aged 2 to 5 years come to discover God's love through Jesus Christ.  We lay this foundation through the guidance of the Holy Spirit using the five senses to explore Bible stories, music, and other age-appropriate activities.  Planning of activities and events is geared to nurturing the preschool child's physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs.

Deaconess Gwen Ferguson, Servant Leader


Public Relations Coordinator (PR) and its members  communicate to the Mount Zion FABC members of church programs, church cancellations, member(s) passing, funeral dates and other information requested by church ministries received from Church Office, Pastor, Assistant Pastor and Servant Leaders.  Announce to members of local churches and community events.    To assist church ministries as requested.

Deaconess Pamela A. Harris, Servant Leader











Mount Zion Senior Ministry was organized in 2004.  The mission of the Senior Ministry is: To cultivate and foster spiritual and social relations among the senior membership of Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church. To be an active, viable ministry. To provide a channel of information of interest to all members through the use of community contacts. To demonstrate and provide ongoing support to the youth and seniors of the church and the community. To encourage members to become involved in all aspects of the Senior Ministry and the church. A very cordial invitation is extended to everyone 55 years and above to participate in the Senior Ministry.


Deaconess Joyce Carey, Servant Leader 


The Mt. Zion Trustee Ministry is the foremost overseer of the church's business matters and properties. The Trustee Ministry has the responsibility of making sure that the church is a comfortable place for people to meet together and to meet God, providing the maintenance of the church building and property, acting as the legal representative for the church in any matter and serve as the official body to conduct legal matters, executing all legal matters pertaining to the debts and obligations binding upon the church and the preparation of all business contracts, acting as custodians òf the property of the church and to take all necessary measures for its protection and management, and coordinating all uses of the church building or parts thereof, church equipment and grounds, including the assignment of rooms or other spaces for all purposes and the reservation of equipment and grounds.
Reginald Anderson, Servant Leader


I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness. Psalms: 84:10

The Mt. Zion usher ministry serves the Lord, Church, and communityfor various programs and events. It composed of the adult and youthushers. We are responsible for greeting and seating the worshippers andmaking them feel welcomed and ready to enjoy their worship experience.

We are attentive to their needs by distributing bulletins, fans, envelopes, and other requested amenities. We also collect the offering.

The Usher Ministry meets bi-monthly on the third Thursday at 6:00pm in the lower level of the church. We welcome all who are interested in becoming a part of the Usher Ministry.

Jacklene Martin, Servant Leader



The vision is Youth Ministry is to reach and reproduce within the surrounding communities young people inspired and equipped with the passion for the truth of God’s word and His compassion for others who will be enablers of change.

Children's Church

•Every 1st & 3rd Sunday
•Ages 6-11 Only!
•Youth Church is 1st & 3rd
•Ages 12- 17 Only!

Minister Jack Chambers, Servant Leader


The vision of the Yadah Rakad and Children of Praise Dance Ministries is to enhance worship and to glorify God through dance.  Psalm 149:2-3

The mission of the Yadah Rakad and Children of Praise Dance Ministries is to bring deliverance, healing and salvation to those being delivered from their bondages, to tear down the strong holds of the enemy and open the doors for praise and worship. (Philippians 4:4-7)

Yadah Rakad and Children of Praise – Servant Leader Roberta Allen



The mission of the young adult ministry of Mt. Zion FABC is to become more enlightened in the word of God and share this knowledge with our community through fellowship and outreach.  Young Adult Ministry meets on first and third Thursdays at 6:30PM on the lower level in room 10.


Juanika Howard, Servant Leader